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Praxis Crossfit
Praxis Strength
Praxis Endurance
Praxis Competition

Praxis Crossfit

10 Rounds, 2:00 Interval:
Odds: 5 Push Press [30X1]
Evens: 6 Good Mornings [3020]


6:00 AMRAP:
9 KB Front Squats
12 Double KB Swings
15 Hands to Elbows

Praxis Strength

A. Neutral Grip DB Bench [3010]
10,10,8,8,12,12, 3:00 Rest


B1. Incline Prone DB Row [2111]
3×12 1:00 Rest
B2. Elbow In Low Band External Shoulder Rotations [3010]
3×15/side, 1:00 Rest

Praxis Endurance

No Praxis Endurance Today

Saturday Praxis Competition

Build to a heavy 5-rep Overhead Squat


2 Sets:
6:00 AMRAP:
6 Overhead Squats
9 Burpees
12 Box Jumps

6:00 Rest between sets

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