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Praxis Crossfit
Praxis Strength
Praxis Endurance
Praxis Competition


8 Rounds, 2:00 Interval:
8 Pullups
50ft/side Suitcase Carry


6 Rounds:
12 Push Press
12 Alt. SA DB Snatches



8 Rounds, 2:00 Interval:
3 Above the knee Clean


6 Rounds:
12 Push Press (95/65)
12 Alt. SA DB Snatches (65/45)

Praxis Strength

No Praxis Strength Today

Praxis Endurance

10 Rounds:
250m Run
16 Renegade Rows
14 DB Front Squats
12 DB Push Press


Saturday Praxis Competition

32 Rounds OTM:
1’s: 5 Power Cleans
2’s: 6-12 Toes To Bar
3’s: :30 Handstand Practice
4’s: :30 Row (no straps)

Pick two mobility exercises, perform each one for either 5:00 or 3:00/side


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