Praxis 03.17.14

Praxis Athletes:  We are operating on our normal, full schedule; come in for the WOD!


A.  Back Squat:  1-1-1-1 (95%), 3-3-3 (90%)

B.  Band Pull-Aparts:  3 X Max Effort

C.  3 Rounds for Time:

15 Dumbbell Thrusters (45/30)
15 Burpees

Endurance WOD:

EOMOTM for 30 Minutes:

Odd Minutes: Row 200 Meters
Even Minutes: 13 Kettle Bell Swings (24/20)

(Sorry guys, I thought it best to just plan to do the WOD indoors tomorrow due to the weather).

“I’m not interested in what’s been done in the past.  I’m interested in what should be done.”  -Mark Rippetoe