Congrats to our October Athlete of the Month, Joe!
Joe raises the bar for all those he shares space with with his unwavering work ethic, focus on exceptional mechanics and kindness to all who cross his path. It’s an honor to spend time with you, Joe, and our great pleasure to share in your stellar progress!

Athlete of the Month: Joe Abboud

How did you get started with CrossFit?

 I really knew nothing about CrossFit before I came to Praxis.  I just moved into the neighborhood and started checking out local gyms.  After I did my first class with Noah, I instantly became hooked.


Did you have prior athletic experience?

I grew up casually playing intramural sports: soccer, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. A few years prior to joining Praxis I got into boxing, which is when I learned to love pushing myself physically. About a year before I started CrossFit I picked up weightlifting at a globo gym, although I now realize I didn’t really know what I was doing.

What is your favorite/least favorite type of WOD?

My favorite are EMOMs and other time-structured workouts where the clock pushes you to move.  My least favorite are the quick sprints: it is 1-4 minutes of awfulness, quickly followed by a feeling of “that’s it?”

What has been your greatest improvement and/or achievement since joining Praxis?

That is a really hard question, but I think it has to be the first time I did more than one strict pullup in a row.  I almost couldn’t believe it.

What advice do you have for Praxis rookies?

Keep showing up and you will constantly improve.  It really is that simple!

What is your fitness diet like? Favorite “fun” food?

I don’t really put too much thought into it, which I recognize is a problem.  I just take the Samuel Beckett approach to eating healthy: “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”  My favorite fun food is pizza. Lots of pizza…

What do you like to do with your “free time” outside the gym?

Most of my free time is spent in the gym!

What motivates and pushes you to continually improve?

I have so many “firsts” that I still want to achieve.  First handstand walk, I am coming for you!