Athlete of the Month: Andrew Lattanner

We’re proud to congratulate Andrew for being named Praxis Athlete of the Month for May! Andrew is one of our most coachable, friendly, and hard working athletes. He shows up for classes consistently (6am!!), and he’s made some awesome progress with his nutrition over the last few months being part of the Praxis Nutrition Program!

How did you get started with CrossFit?

I got bored with my standard gym membership and amateur workouts, and I was looking for a new challenge.

How long have you been an athlete at Praxis?

About three years.

Did you have prior athletic experience?

I love team sports. Growing up in Indiana, I played a lot of basketball and ran cross country. These days I spend more time on my bike, and I play some flag football.

What is your favorite/least favorite type of WOD?

I am in a committed relationship with Linda—we try to get together at least four times a year. I still struggle with overhead squats. And by struggle I mean I can’t actually overhead squat. I really admire those of you who can though.

What has been your greatest improvement and/or achievement since joining Praxis?

My greatest achievement has been the improvement of my overall health. I am definitely stronger, but I am also more aware of the importance of nutrition, mobility, and sleep/rest.

What advice do you have for Praxis rookies?

Trust the program, be consistent, and you’ll see improvement.


What is your fitness diet like? Favorite “fun” food?

I’ve recently been working with Jen to track my macros, which has really improved the quality of my diet. I eat a lot of chicken, rice, and Greek Yogurt. My favorite fun foods are pepperoni pizza and wings.

What do you like to do with your “free time” outside the gym?

I enjoy being on my bike, reading, and playing flag football.

What motivates and pushes you to continually improve?

The most motivating part of Praxis is the people—athletes and coaches. I am a regular at the 6 am class, and honestly I really enjoy working out with the 6 am crew. Across the board, Praxis is made up of really impressive and dedicated people, and I can’t help but work hard when I’m around them.