Drake played no sports until high school, when he began ultimate frisbee and wrestling. He wrestled through college, but having (relative to other college wrestlers) little strength, speed, stamina, or technique he was not a stand-out wrestler. His wrestling improved after college until he tore his labrum while demonstrating a stand-up. Drake had the pleasure of experiencing arthroscopic surgery when having his labrum repaired. He has not wrestled since surgery but plans on doing so again one day, against his (and his mother’s) better judgment. Drake spent the years between graduating from college to beginning law school in Japan, in Hungary, and in the States, doing a variety of non-athletic activities (learning Japanese, playing chess, and teaching the LSAT). In law school, Drake picked up wrestling again and began working out more regularly. He also joined the competitive ballroom dance team; Drake was decent at Rumba, terrible at Samba, mediocre at Cha-Cha, and generally maladroit at Quickstep, Waltz, and Foxtrot. After law school, Drake moved to NYC, where, at the suggestion of a friend, he looked into CrossFit boxes. He joined The Black Box in 2010 and has been crossfitting on and off since then. During a WOD, Drake deliberately focuses on technique whenever he can because (i) he is getting old and injuries are now both frequent and long-lasting so he wants to avoid them, and (ii) he needs something to focus his mind on while his body is in searing pain. Perhaps because of his wrestling history, Drake continues to work out in full sweats. Drake is always happy to share what he knows with others; feel free to ask him questions any time.

Certification and Training

  • CrossFit Level 1