What to Expect

Although no two crossfit classes are the same, the classes do have some structure. Here is what to expect during a typical crossfit class.
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    Warm Up (5 minutes)

    We generally focus on getting your muscles ready to work. Warm-ups generally include running 400 meters plus some basic movements like jumping jacks, burpees, or mountain climbers.

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    Movement Prep (5 minutes)

    Unlike the warm-up movement preps focuses on the muscle groups you’ll be utilizing during the rest of the WOD.

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    Mobility (5 minutes)

    Some people call this “stretching,” but it is so much more than just that. We’ll focus on addressing all of the components that limit your range of motion.

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    Strength or Skills (25 minutes)

    Irrespective of which program you choose, the strength component will focus on making you stronger. Common strength WODs include olympic lifts like the clean and jerk or snatch, or power lifts like back squats. Occasionally we use the strength component to work on skills like handstand pushups or Turkish getups.

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    Metcon (15 minutes)

    This is what crossfit is best known for. During the met con portion, we’ll get your heart beating and blood pumping. From “benchmark” WODs like Fran or Grace to coach-created WODs, no matter what skill level we’ll make sure your finding the challenging.

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    Cool down and Stretching (5 minutes)

    Don’t leave the gym without making sure you stretch out your tired muscles.