Passed down from his ancient Grecian fore-fathers, athleticism and the aesthetic values of the body run in Kristos’ bloodline. However, prior to discovering CrossFit in 2010, he was primarily focused on advancing his professional and academic careers. His first attempt at an Rx’d thruster literally knocked him on his ass. But he fell in love with the sport of fitness, embraced his heritage, and with the help of the CrossFit community has recently earned the title of DC’s pound-for-pound strongest man. The natural next step was to join the network of coaches that had helped him achieve these results, so he completed his CrossFit Level 1 certification and now hopes to motivate others to embrace fitness as he has. While he still works full time as a professional, Kristos’ goal is to encourage Praxis members to focus 100% on self-improvement and all-out commitment each day they are in the gym. Kristos strongly believes that this focus will not only improve your fitness, but will also bring positive change to all the other areas of your personal and professional life. Anything is possible.

Certifications and Training

  • CrossFit Level 1