Matt grew up in New Jersey in an exceptionally competitive family and played as many sports as his mom and dad would drive him to when he was younger, and thus, an athlete was born. As much as he loves to compete, Matt learned at an early age the values of team camaraderie and the bonds formed by being a part of a team. After graduating college from American University, he stayed in the D.C. area but was missing that camaraderie he so often found by being on a team. He remembered a friend telling him to try “Cindy” in college to mix up his workout routine, which mostly consisted of running and body-weight movementss, but after not being able to perform a pull-up halfway through the workout, he was humbled and intrigued by CrossFit. It was only natural that Matt walked into Praxis, joined the family, and has not looked back since. After about a year of intense training, Matt decided to take his love for CrossFit to the next level and get his Level 1 Certification and has been coaching ever since. Aside from doing CrossFit, competing (in anything) is still very much a part of Matt’s nature, and he still enjoys playing any sport he can, whether that is through an organized league or a simple pick-up game on the weekend with his buddies. He also enjoys cooking because it goes hand-in-hand with the healthy lifestyle he tries to maintain, but his cooking career is much less established than his career as an athlete!

Certifications and Training

  • CrossFit Level 1