Praxis CrossFit™

Praxis has used the CrossFit methodology of “constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity” methodology to help our members build strength, lose weight and improve health since 2010. Using our expertly-designed combinations of weight training, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning and much more. Our Praxis CrossFit classes can be the most fun you’ll ever have, getting in the best shape of your life.

Praxis Strength™

If you want to improve your strength, build muscle, and be as resilient as you can be, then Praxis Strength is the place for you. This technically focused, results-based program will effectively utilize the core lifts – squats, presses and deadlifts – alongside other sophisticated exercises and methods to help you develop superior strength and proficiency.

Praxis Endurance™

Smart endurance training is so much more than ‘slow and steady’. Whether you want to improve your next 5k with less running and more fun, or simply love those long and grueling workouts, you’ve found the right spot. Praxis endurance uses mixed modality training in conjunction with precise workout design to develop the capacity you need to endure whatever challenge you want to tackle.

Praxis Competition™

The program for you if you’re interested in participating in CrossFit or other mixed-modality fitness competitions. This program isn’t just for experts – competition is out there for all skill levels. Here you’ll learn and sharpen the essential skills and techniques to help you excel at your next event.